Preparing Your Toyota Car Parts For Winter

As the straggling Indian Summer days have finally given way to the inaugural frosts of the season, we shift our focus to preparing our cars for the cold winter months. For cars, winter weather conditions magnify existing problems; graduating small pings and hard engine starts to failed heaters and dead batteries ? always at the wrong time. With freezing temperatures, rain, snow and ice on the horizon, responsible drivers should now take the time to prepare their cars with a standard winter tune-up.
Winter tune-ups are like vaccinations to people: they ensure the health of your car and prevent some nasty disorders from ever occurring. But even though conventional wisdom holds that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," the National Car Care Council reports that only 30% of motorists winterize their car. Similar to its spring counterpart, a basic winter tune-up does not have to be expensive, nor performed by a mechanic. Without any type of winter tune-up though, older engines will run rough and lose power, and newer cars suffer advanced wear and tear.
The basic winter car tune-up should first focus on the oil and the battery. Winter conditions generally require a thinner oil weight to minimize engine wear. For example, an engine that normally uses 10W-30 oil, should consider changing to a thinner 5W-30. In regards to the battery, cold temperatures drastically slow a battery?s chemical reaction upon starting the engine. In fact, a strong battery can lose up to 50% of its output in freezing conditions. A simple rule-of-thumb is that if the battery?s connections are noticeably loose or corroded, the battery is likely to be weak and in need of replacement. Just as a car?s oil requires close attention, the same applies to the vehicle?s other fluids, including the antifreeze, brake, transmission, and power steering fluid levels. Check your engine's hoses and belts for wear and tear as they can affect the electrical system, air conditioning, power steering, and the engine's cooling system.
In preparation for compromised road conditions, car tires should be inspected regularly for proper inflation and tread wear. When the tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch, tires must be replaced. A ?penny-test? is a reliable tool to check tire tread. Take a penny and put Lincoln?s head into one of the grooves of the tire tread. If part of his head is covered by the tread, you're driving with the legal amount of tread. If you can see all of President?s head though, it's time to replace the tire.
As visibility is certain challenge every driver in winter, be it with fewer hours of daylight or fog, snow, and rain, check your headlights (both high-beam and low-beam) to ensure that bulbs are aimed in the proper direction. Now is the time to change your windshield wiper blades as well, especially since the summer heat more than likely compromised their effectiveness. Experts recommend changing them every six months regardless.
Winterizing a car also involves preparing for a bit more of a survival-based emergency resulting from inclement weather. A basic winter kit should be stowed in your trunk in case you become stranded in your car for a period of more than a couple hours. Use the trunk space to store survival essentials including bottled water, blanket, flashlight, matches, snacks, and warmer clothing. For the Boy Scout troop leaders, we also recommend carrying paper towels, a red flag, a bag of sand, transistor radio, first aid kit, small shovel, and Danielle Steel?s latest.

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Converting Toyota parts into cash

Thieves are focusing on 1990s Toyota FJ Cruiser, Tundras and Tacomas because the catalytic converters are easy to remove, according to police.
Lt. Bill Gaudinier, an investigator with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, said he has seen a rise in catalytic converter thefts from Toyota trucks in the past six months.
"We're getting hit all over," he said. "It's an epidemic right now."
The catalytic converters contain platinum-group metals that are used in the manufacturing of electronics and in jewelry, glass, and medical and dental equipment, said sheriff's Detective Jim Messina.
"We noticed it about six months ago," Messina said. "But it's happening statewide."
Hayward police spokesman Reid Lindblom said his agency is aware of the trend and, as recently as December, arrested a man after he was caught stealing a Honda's catalytic converter.
When police searched the suspect's car, Lindblom said, they found nine stolen catalytic converters. The suspect admitted to using a gas torch to help dislodge the devices. Lindblom said detectives have not kept running statistics on the number of catalytic converters reported stolen but are aware it is a growing crime trend.
In recent months, Messina said, the sheriff's office has investigated a dozen such thefts in Castro Valley, another 12 in unincorporated Hayward and six in Livermore and Pleasanton.
Car thieves are targeting the line of Toyotas because the converters -- an exhaust emissions device that removes pollutants from car exhaust -- are held on by just four bolts.
In contrast, the bolts attaching catalytic converters to other vehicles are welded and are more difficult to remove.
Messina said it takes less than two minutes to remove the system from Toyota trucks. Once removed, he said, the trucks rumble and sound like a drag racer.
"It's easy to take them off," he said. "They usually do it in people's driveways or right out in front of their homes."
A muffler shop in Hayward said replacing a catalytic converter in a Toyota Supra can cost up to $1,300.
Tracking the stolen converters is virtually impossible, Messina said.
"They're hard to trace," Messina said. "They're essentially all the same. There are no serial numbers that can be used to identify them. Once they're thrown in the scrap yard and mixed in with everybody else's scrap, it makes it hard to find out who is doing this."
Messina said he has found that many of the stolen catalytic converters are being shipped to recycling companies in Poland, Canada, China and Latvia, where they undergo a carbo-chlorination process that extracts the platinum-group metals.
The trend is not likely to go away anytime soon. On Friday, the price of platinum closed at $1,096 per Troy ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange, up $16 in one day.
"If you get on the Internet, you can find hundreds of recyclers in a hundred different cities buying the converters for their precious metals," Messina said. "They have to send them to a plant that has the chemical process necessary to extract the metals."
As a preventative measure, Messina recommended that owners of Toyota-brand trucks go to a muffler shop and have the four bolts that secure the catalytic converter tac-welded.
The cost of the job is about $40.
But even that, said Jonathan, an employee of a muffler shop in Hayward, may not stop the thieves.
"You can't really do anything to prevent it," said Jonathan, who declined to give his last name. "If they really want it, they can just use a hacksaw or electric saw and just cut the pipe off. Or, just like when they want to steal the tires, they can take the whole truck."

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Toyota Parts in Review

The Toyota division that handles repairs and replacement parts is in the final stages of a review for the creative portion of its ad account, sources said.
According to its RFP, the Parts & Service Division of Toyota Motor Sales USA is seeking an agency to "develop
a national brand campaign for the 2003 calendar year." Work will include print, radio and direct mail ads, a Web site and point-of-purchase materials.
Sources said three shops are vying for the business and that each is scheduled to make a creative presentation at the client's Torrance, Calif., headquarters on Aug. 9. Neither the identity of the contenders nor a budget for the account could be determined.
A Toyota representative acknowledged that the company is holding a review for the division but declined to provide further details.
Fraser Communications in Santa Monica, Calif., created the most recent work for the division. After completing a research assignment for the division last year, the shop was handed a creative project and developed four print ads and four radio spots. The work is being made available to individual service dealers, which are responsible for media placement.
The shop's president and CEO, Renee Fraser, said the assignment was separate from the car maker's main account, which is handled by Saatchi & Saatchi's office in Torrance. "They called us as a result of the research we did about the brand," said Fraser. "It's a very small assignment, but it is a nice opportunity for us."
The work urges drivers to have their vehicles serviced by authorized Toyota dealers. Three of the print executions are clearly targeted at separate audience segments.
An ad aimed at men discourages them from making their own repairs. The fine print reads, in part, "Real men know that Toyota technicians know more than they will ever know about their Toyotas."
An ad aimed at women who may be skittish about dishonest repair shops assures: "Our service pros are pro-women."
A third ad, featuring a smiling toddler, focuses on the importance of maintaining a safe family car. "Your family is your life. And so you bring your car to a genuine Toyota dealer," it reads.
Fraser said the ads were designed to reflect the agency's research findings. "That's why we went with ads that target specific segments," she said.
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