Toyota Parts in Review

The Toyota division that handles repairs and replacement parts is in the final stages of a review for the creative portion of its ad account, sources said.
According to its RFP, the Parts & Service Division of Toyota Motor Sales USA is seeking an agency to "develop
a national brand campaign for the 2003 calendar year." Work will include print, radio and direct mail ads, a Web site and point-of-purchase materials.
Sources said three shops are vying for the business and that each is scheduled to make a creative presentation at the client's Torrance, Calif., headquarters on Aug. 9. Neither the identity of the contenders nor a budget for the account could be determined.
A Toyota representative acknowledged that the company is holding a review for the division but declined to provide further details.
Fraser Communications in Santa Monica, Calif., created the most recent work for the division. After completing a research assignment for the division last year, the shop was handed a creative project and developed four print ads and four radio spots. The work is being made available to individual service dealers, which are responsible for media placement.
The shop's president and CEO, Renee Fraser, said the assignment was separate from the car maker's main account, which is handled by Saatchi & Saatchi's office in Torrance. "They called us as a result of the research we did about the brand," said Fraser. "It's a very small assignment, but it is a nice opportunity for us."
The work urges drivers to have their vehicles serviced by authorized Toyota dealers. Three of the print executions are clearly targeted at separate audience segments.
An ad aimed at men discourages them from making their own repairs. The fine print reads, in part, "Real men know that Toyota technicians know more than they will ever know about their Toyotas."
An ad aimed at women who may be skittish about dishonest repair shops assures: "Our service pros are pro-women."
A third ad, featuring a smiling toddler, focuses on the importance of maintaining a safe family car. "Your family is your life. And so you bring your car to a genuine Toyota dealer," it reads.
Fraser said the ads were designed to reflect the agency's research findings. "That's why we went with ads that target specific segments," she said.
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